Installing Brother Toners

Installing Brother Toners

Installing Brother Toners

NOTE: Not all toners for Brother laser jet printers will follow the same installation instructions as shown in the video, however these steps fit the majority of models.

Replacing Brother toners can sometimes cause confusion as usually in order to replace the toner you must also remove the drum cartridge from the printer first, then release the toner from the drum. A lot of people are unaware that the toner and drum are separate units and will inadvertently dispose of the drum as well when they only need to replace the toner cartridge (on average a drum cartridge has a lifespan 10 times longer than that of a toner cartridge).

Although of varying shapes and sizes, the majority of Brother follow the same steps, although the locking mechanism for the drum varies between the different printers, some simply slot into place and don’t need to be clipped in.

The model used in this demonstration is a Brother TN1070 toner cartridge for the HL-1110 mono laser printer.

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  5. To get help with your Brother printer , you can simply call their help desk on
    +1-888-817-5612 (US & Canada) . It the fastest and easiest way to get assistance for your Brother Printer. Hope it helps.

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